presentation guide

queer education

for faculty

The Queer Education for Faculty presentation provides educators with a comprehensive overview of biological sex, gender identity, and attraction. Participants review up to date information regarding LGBTQ+ education and diversity initiatives to benefit staff and students alike. Our Educators help train faculty and administrators to begin providing the new state mandated content and review comprehensive information regarding safe spaces and affirmative language. Culturally responsive teaching strategies are reviewed at length. 


age level

K-12 faculty, staff, and administrators.

curriculum requirements

CA Education Code: Section 51935

(a) A school district shall cooperatively plan and conduct in-service training for all school district personnel that provide HIV prevention education, through regional planning, joint powers agreements, or contract services.
(c) In-service training shall be conducted periodically to enable school district personnel to learn new developments in the scientific understanding of HIV. In-service training shall be voluntary for school district personnel who have demonstrated expertise or received in-service training from the department or federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
(d) A school district may expand HIV in-service training to cover the topic of comprehensive sexual health education in order for school district personnel who provide comprehensive sexual health education to learn new developments in the scientific understanding of sexual health.

CA Education Code: Section 51936

School districts may contract with outside consultants or guest speakers, including those who have developed multilingual curricula or curricula accessible to persons with disabilities, to deliver comprehensive sexual health education and HIV prevention education or to provide training for school district personnel. All outside consultants and guest speakers shall have expertise in comprehensive sexual health education and HIV prevention education and have knowledge of the most recent medically accurate research on the relevant topic or topics covered in their instruction.

core concepts

Participants will be provided with a detailed review of the following concepts:

- Concepts of Identity
- Assigned Sex
- Intersex
- Gender
- Gender Schemas
- Gender Awareness
- Gender Identities
- Non-Binary Gender
- Gender Expression 

- Sexuality
- Concepts of Attraction
- Sexual Identities 
- Affirmative Language
- Dangers of Harassment
- Gender Pronouns
- Misgendering
- Addressing Mistakes

- Affirmative Questions
- Respecting Privacy
- Being an Ally
- Creating a Safe Space
- Talking to Parents
- LGBTQ+ Books
- Educator Resources
- Community Resources

time and format

This presentation is approximately 1 hour in length. QEDU Educators are trained to provide this presentation on an individual classroom basis or assembly style depending on the needs of our participating organization. Please speak with a representative about the best strategy for implementing this program on campus. 

tools to complete

This presentation utilizes a standardized PowerPoint Presentation. The classroom or assembly hall must have A/V equipment to ensure that our presentation can be properly executed. Students will be invited to participate in a learning activity and will be asked to use a pen and paper for the exercise. 

additional information

The State of California mandates all students to receive sexual education that is inclusive of all gender and sexual identities, however, some restrictions may apply. Please be advised of the following amendments included in the CA Healthy Youth Act:

CA Education Code: Section 51938
(a) A parent or guardian of a pupil has the right to excuse their child from all or part of comprehensive sexual health education, HIV prevention education, and assessments related to that education through a passive consent (“opt-out”) process. A school district shall not require active parental consent (“opt-in”) for comprehensive sexual health education and HIV prevention education.

CA Education Code: Section 51939
(a) A pupil may not attend any class in comprehensive sexual health education or HIV prevention education, or participate in any anonymous, voluntary, and confidential test, questionnaire, or survey on pupil health behaviors and risks, if the school has received a written request from the pupil’s parent or guardian excusing the pupil from participation.
(b) A pupil may not be subject to disciplinary action, academic penalty, or other sanction if the pupil’s parent or guardian declines to permit the pupil to receive comprehensive sexual health education or HIV prevention education or to participate in anonymous, voluntary, and confidential tests, questionnaires, or surveys on pupil health behaviors and risks.

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