legal requirements

California legislators’s recently amended the Education Code, which now requires all California public schools to implement an LGBTQ+ inclusive curriculum. Under this mandate, all students are required to receive comprehensive education regarding LGBTQ+ historical figures and events, family diversity, and a thorough understanding of sexuality and gender

senate bill 48

The Fair Affirmative Inclusive and Respectful Education Act of 2011, which, among other things, added Section 51204.5 to the Education Code, requiring instruction in social sciences to include “the role and contributions of…lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender Americans…”

assembly bill 329

In 2015, the California Healthy Youth Act further amended the California Education Code (Section 51933) to require that sexual health education include instruction and materials about “gender, gender expression, gender identity” and the recognition of “different sexual orientations.”  The bill also requires school districts to ensure that all pupils between grades 7 to 12, receive comprehensive sexual health education and HIV prevention education, as specified.