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As part of our ongoing commitment to LGBTQ+ education, QEDU supplements our education resources with the personal stories of real people in and around the LGBTQ+ community. These stories may provide insight into the way in which queer identity plays a role in the lives of every day people. If you are interested in becoming a part of this initiative and would like to share your story, contact a representative

Meet Barbara
Learn about Barbara's journey of love and acceptance after her son Chad comes out as a gay man.
Meet Hannah
Hannah shares her story of self-acceptance as she reconciles her faith with her sexuality.
Meet Jesus
Jesus reflects on living life outside of traditional gender norms as a gender queer person.
Meet Chris
Chris reflects on his journey to self-acceptance and recalls his past of self-harm.
Meet Zak
Following the death of her son Zak, Ginger recalls his life and journey as a young bisexual man.
Meet Sai
Sai is a transgender nurse and escaped a life of sex work to live authentically. Click to learn more.
Meet Jeff
Jeff is an HIV/AIDS survivor and advocate. He reflects on his journey and the friends he has lost.
Meet Cassandra
Cassandra began the process of transition late in life and experienced a deepened understanding of her identity.
Meet Amir
Amir discusses his life as a gay man living in the Middle East and his new found freedom in the U.S.
Meet Will
After becoming comfortable with his identity as a gay man, Will discusses life and love.
Meet Yuè
Yuè is a Two Spirit transgender woman of the Navajo people.
Meet Ray
Ray recalls her experiences in the military and relationship with her new bride.
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