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While many organizations have implemented LGBTQ+ inclusive policies and protections, roughly 46% of LGBTQ+ employees stay in the closet due to a culture of bias in the workplace and/or perceived lack of support. QEDU provides professional development services to highlight federal and state-mandated protections while offering audiences an inside look at concepts of LGBTQ+ identity. We review affirmative language strategies, how to ask questions, and tips for harassment prevention and intervention. Contact us to learn more.

core concepts

All professional development training events will include lecture-based learning, activities to promote understanding, and time for questions and/or discussion. Our trainers utilize a standardized curriculum to ensure accuracy of message and consistency. Each presentation will cover the following topics:

- Concepts of Identity
- Assigned Sex
- Gender
- Attraction
- Affirmative Language
- Gender Pronouns

- Misgendering
- Addressing Mistakes
- Respecting Privacy 
- The Ally Continuum
- Actionable Allyship
- Workplace Protections
- Legal Protections

- Organizational Protections
- Harassment Prevention
- Harassment Intervention
- Reporting an Incident
- Additional Resources
- Q & A


time and format

This presentation is approximately 2 hours in length. QEDU Educators are trained to provide this presentation in small group sessions and large group assemblies. Please speak with a representative to determine the best strategy for program implementation. 

tools to complete

This presentation utilizes a standardized PowerPoint Presentation. The classroom or assembly hall must have A/V equipment to ensure that our presentation can be properly executed. Audience members are invited to participate in a learning activity and will be asked to use a pen and paper for the exercise. All participating organizations are responsible for the printing an distribution of all training materials needed for the event. Generally, please expect to print 2-3 pages per participant. 


In order to keep our services free for public schools, we use a fee-for-service model when providing professional development training events to for-profit organizations. Please speak with a member of our team to learn more about our program fees. 

participating organizations

Since organizing in 2017, QEDU has had the opportunity to provide professional development training events for a wide range of businesses across a variety of industries. Your organization can become a part of our growing list of participating organizations by offering LGBTQ+ inclusive professional development on-site. Check out some of the participating organizations we've had the opportunity to work with so far:

- Big Brother's and Big Sister's LA
- Boys and Girl's Club West Valley
- Brainzoo Animation Studios
- Education Writer's Association
- MO-Mentum Fitness
- Total Body Aesthetic
- WPromote Digital Advertising

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