presentation guide

queer education for parents

Following recent legislative changes, concepts of gender identity and sexuality will be introduced in the classroom for the first time. For many parents, this can cause concern regarding the range of information covered and how this information may impact their children. This presentation guides parents through the new curriculum and offers an inside look at how this information will be communicated to students. Parents will learn about queer identities from a developmental perspective.

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target audience

Parents of K-12 students impacted by recent curriculum changes.

core concepts

Parents will be provided with a detailed review of the following concepts:

- What is LGBTQ+ Education?

- Benefits of Inclusive Curriculum

- F.A.I.R. Education Act

- CA Healthy Youth Act

- Queer Identity

- Assigned Sex

- Gender

- Sexuality

- Affirmative Language

- Queer History at School

- Queer Health at School

- Queer Identity as School

- Affirmative Parenting

- Community Resources

- Q & A

time and format

This presentation is approximately 1 hour in length. QEDU Educators are trained to provide this presentation on an individual classroom basis or assembly style depending on the needs of our participating organization. Please speak with a representative about the best strategy for implementing this program on campus. 

tools to complete

This presentation utilizes a standardized PowerPoint Presentation. The classroom or assembly hall must have A/V equipment to ensure that our presentation can be properly executed. Students will be invited to participate in a learning activity and will be asked to use a pen and paper for the exercise. 

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