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QEDU offers comprehensive training seminars to educate audiences on a range of LGBTQ+ topics. Each presentation is designed to fit the specific needs of the audience. All presentations are provided by a certified educator, each utilizing standardized and pre-approved curriculum to ensure accuracy of message and client satisfaction.​ Participants are able to ask questions, exercise new skills, and receive information regarding community resources. We offer professional development training seminars for faculty and staff members and provide LGBTQ+ inclusive education to students and parents. 

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Each presentation is provided by a trained QEDU Educator. We utilize a standardized and pre-approved presentation to ensure curriculum requirements are met. Each presentation typically lasts one hour; however, we regularly modify our programming to fit the needs of each audience. Our staff members are trained to avoid questions regarding politics or religion during each training event. For more information regarding our training presentations, please contact a representative.

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Queer Education for Faculty

queer education for faculty

This presentation is designed to help school educators, staff, and administrators become more familiar with LGBTQ+ topics. We review culturally responsive teaching strategies and tips for creating a safer, more inclusive, environment on campus for students.

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queer education for parents

For many parents, introducing LGBTQ+ topics in the classroom can be distressing. This presentation guides parents through the new curriculum and reviews the importance of LGBTQ+ inclusive curriculum. Parents will review major concepts of gender identity and sexuality from a child development perspective.

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queer identity for students

Our queer identity presentation guides participants through three major concepts of queer identity: assigned sex, gender identity, and attraction. We review appropriate language, tips for becoming an ally, and community resources. 

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queer history for students

We provide an in-depth historical account of queer identities in North America. This presentation guides students through indigenous identities, the colonial era, industrial revolution, and the LGBTQ+ social and civil rights movements.

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queer health for students

This presentation offers audiences an inside look at the HIV/AIDS epidemic. Participants are provided with information on transmission, treatment plans, and preventative care. Community resources are offered.  

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